At a Hackathon, participants learn how to turn their ideas into reality. Participants learn by doing, but the Internet is not enough to teach someone how to build their first hack. This is where you come in! A good mentor can vastly improve a hacker’s experience and learning, and inspire novel hackers to pursue their dreams.

As a mentor, your role is to support Hackathon teams with your technical expertise.

Be Discreet

Act as a floating resource for the teams during your shift at the Hackathon. Like an additional team member.

Be Active and Proactive

See problems that are waiting to happen and act before the do.

Be Helpful

Help teams answer questions, define workflow, generate relevant ideas, support during problem-solving, develop final pitches and practice presentation.

Be Encouraging

Most importantly, be helpful and encouraging

Some activities the participants will most likely engage in during the Hackathon:

  • Scheduling work and task distribution
  • Planning an implementation strategy
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Developing the scope of application project
  • Implementing the solution
  • Solving problems
  • Practising their presentation for the judges
  • Visiting other teams during or after judging process
  • Resting and eating
  • And most of all walking away with a positive experience.

Both on-site and online mentors are required


As an online mentor, your commitment is to be available and provide support on the Hackathon Slack channel during the Hackathon. 


As an onsite mentor, you will be assigned to a team to provide face-to-face assistance to your assigned teams inside the Hackathon venue.


All mentors will receive access to pre-training documentation, as well as all the food, drinks and swag required to get you through the duration of your shift. Qualified mentors will receive a free pass to the Sydney Summit. More details will be available at the Hackathon on Sunday.

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